Selection of assignments carried out by the CPC company in the majority of cases in collaboration with French and/or foreign consultancies.


Support for the drafting of the Interreg Europe 2021-2027 interregional cooperation programme

Drafting of the key parts of the programme (SWOT analysis, strategy, eligible thematic areas, typology of actions, etc.) in close consultation with the representatives of the 29 Partner States (surveys, working meetings and decision-making at regular intervals).

In collaboration with the consultancies Link-EU (Netherlands) and MaiEUtics (Spain)

For GECOTTI EEIG (Managing Authority)


Coaching for the development of a capitalisation strategy for the INTERREG cooperation programme Madeira-Azores-Canary Islands 2021-2027 (as part of an INTERACT contract for 2021)

For the Canary Islands Region (ES) as Managing Authority of the programme.

Benchmark of best practices in Europe and drafting of operational recommendations for capitalisation actions.


Moderation of the interregional seminar “Review and outlook of French participation in the programmes – Interreg MED, ENI/NEXT MED neighbourhood and Interreg Europe” via Microsoft TEAMS

60 participants – 8 December 2020

Preparation of the content of the seminar, selection of actors invited to share their experience during the panel sessions, moderation of presentations and cross-experience feedback, drafting of the summary of the discussions and operational recommendations for 2021-2027 to the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region, in connection with the other Regions involved in the governance of these programmes (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Corsica and Occitanie).


Development of a capitalisation management guide for INTERREG programmes

Comparative analysis of capitalisation approaches and practices across all INTERREG cooperation programmes in Europe, and identification of guiding principles to implement a strategy and action plan for capitalisation and experience transfer.

For the INTERACT European programme (capacity building for all INTERREG programmes in Europe)


Moderation of the national conference on European territorial cooperation 4 December 2018 in Besançon (France) – 120 participants

Support to the preparation of the contents of the different panel sessions, co-moderation with Séverine Bressaud (Eureka 21 consultancy) and drafting of the synthesis of the discussions.

For the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) as the coordinating authority for European funds in France

Credit photo ANCT


National animation of the network of actors involved in the management of the end of the 2014-2020 programming period as well as the preparation and launch of the ETC objective for the 2021-2027 period

Support to the animation of technical workshops related to the management of European programmes and performing studies on the management and implementation of some INTERREG cooperation programmes.

For the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) as the coordinating authority for European funds in France


Collective support to project leaders from the regions of Corsica, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and PACA applying for the Interreg MED 2014-2020 transnational programme (PACA Region project management)

Moderation of an interregional seminar in Montpellier in October 2016 (80 participants) and workshops to support the setting up of cooperation projects in Marseilles in February 2017 for around twenty applicants.


Support to the setting up of the Destination SMEs project – Strengthening the competitiveness of tourism SMEs through the implementation of destination management strategies (co-financed by Interreg Europe 2014-2020 – interregional cooperation in Europe)

Partners from the following countries – FR, IT, MT, LV, SI, FI, IE

Proofreading of the application form at regular intervals.

Pre-assessment of the application form against the six selection criteria used in the programme’s assessment phase.


Ongoing evaluation of the pilot networks in the frame of the URBACT II programme: 1) transfer of good practice; 2) delivery of local action plans

In collaboration with Link-EU consultancy (Netherlands)

Performing surveys and 9 case studies.

Drafting of operational recommendations to define the main features of the 2014-2020 URBACT programme projects


Support for the drafting of the 2 Seas cross-border cooperation programme (France-Belgium-Netherlands-England)

Drafting of the key parts of the programme (SWOT analysis, strategy, priority axes, typology of actions, etc.) in close consultation with representatives of the four Member States (national, regional and county levels).


Evaluation of the main achievements of long-term Cohesion policy programmes and projects in 15 European regions (from 1989-1993 to 2012)

Carrying out the evaluation for the Aquitaine region

In collaboration with the European Policies Research Centre – EPRC (UK) for the European Commission (DG Regio)

Retrospective analysis of intervention logics and monitoring indicators

Performing individual interviews and a focus group with stakeholders.

Drafting of the conclusions and recommendations report following a template for the 15 case studies.


Mid-term evaluation of the France-Spain-Andorra cross-border cooperation programme (POCTEFA) 2007-2013

In collaboration with IDOM consultancy (Spain)

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Mid-term assessment of selected projects

Recommendations and corrective measures for the end of the programme


Support to the setting up of the ENGAGE project – Development of very high-speed broadband in rural areas (co-financed by Interreg IVC 2007-2013 – interregional cooperation in Europe)

For Niverlan digital agency (Burgundy region), participation in the writing and setting up of the ENGAGE project. Support of the technical teams in the partners search in about ten European countries, preparation of the budget for the whole consortium and organisation of a seminar to finalise the project in Brussels.


Trainer at the European Institute for Territorial Cooperation (jointly established by the academic Sciences Po Lille and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region)

Moderation of the following modules (in five sessions spread over three years) :

  • Understanding European territorial cooperation
  • Setting up an INTERREG project
  • Building a European partnership